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Dinner & a new hospital

Posted on 2015.06.17 at 23:06
Last night I never got around to making the caprese pasta, ended up just eating a bowl of cereal. Tonight, I went for it. So good! 2 romas, the 3 remaining baby cukes from tabouli the other day, a clove of garlic, mozz, parmesean, a couple of mushrooms, basil, salt/pepper/lemon juice/olive oil, & penne. Good enough to take a picture for facebook. It's basically a pasta sauce anyway, mostly the same ingredients (except the cukes & lemon juice, but those are common for pasta salad), just uncooked and fresh. Thought about throwing some olives on there as well, which would have worked fine, but didn't need them.

At work I went out to the new building to look around at how the construction is progressing & plan the placement of the AEDs & crash carts. Very cool, and it's looking nice. The OR feels huge compared to what they have now, even though technically they have more OR suites at the old building (they're just smaller, and nowhere near the prep/recovery space). Alan will need to hire taller staff, though, since the locker rooms are set up in such a way that I could handle an upper locker without too much difficulty, but his current crop of midgets would need a ladder to hang up their coat in the upper lockers. As I was leaving some random old dude was driving through the parking lot and stopped to ask about the building - had to dispel the rumor that the entire hospital is moving in a month. That'll take a lot of work by the marketing people to fix, because everybody has that thought it seems and nobody realizes that this is just part 1. Guy was surprisingly cool about the location, though, talking about how none of his friends will realize it or live to see it, but how the entire town is migrating & growing in that direction, which is supported by all the studies that the hospital did before picking that site.

Kids snuggled with me on the couch tonight while I watched TV. That was sweet.



Posted on 2015.06.16 at 19:03
Pat will be coming over in a bit to see how to take care of the kitties - was going to try to get Lisa to do it, but she's been hard to find. I'm thinking that maybe they took off for her birthday and haven't been around.

Need to invest a little time in scrubbing the bathroom, but the rest of the house is in good shape. Swept, vacuumed, watered, washed, & wiped. Got kitty hiding places set up. Called the hotel & texted about it. Need to start packing.

Last night finished off the other package of ravioli. Tonight I'm planning to make some pasta & put caprese-style stuff on top as a sauce.



Posted on 2015.06.14 at 15:01
Finished mowing the yard, then set up the tomato stakes stuff around the tomatoes & green beans. Picked a few strawberries, but not nearly as many as the other two times. Took a few pictures of how things have grown.

Did a load of darks, did the dishes, made a package of ravioli. I have some leftover rice from the other day, might still dig into that with kimchi since I'm still a little hungry. Then vacuum before bed, I think.



Posted on 2015.06.13 at 22:16
Got most of the lawn mowed this morning, but there's still 1/3 of the backyard to do that I didn't have the battery to get to. Should be able to finish it in the morning before it rains. Hot & muggy - dripping sweat onto my sunglasses. Got cleaned up, then went to Des Moines to see about replacing the tea pitcher I broke (World Market didn't have any yet in stock), get rid of recycling, and swung by the going-away party for Jen. I was glad it was outside, because there were a ton of smokers, and I didn't stick around too long. Swung back through Ames, picked up the little bit of mail, and came home.

Tomorrow my plan is to finish the yard and do some spring-cleaning. And laundry.


No wrestling for me

Posted on 2015.06.12 at 18:54
Apparently somebody in the Education department cancelled my MOAB class for today and never told me - so I ended up having 8 hours of time back that I wasn't expecting. There's a project I've been working on trying to get a good view on ER heads-in-beds by days of the week & time of day, and I spent all afternoon fiddling with that and I think I've got a good setup, I just need to take the 'Sunday' data and then copy it for all the other days of the week. Ideally, I can in fact duplicate the Sunday excel tab, cut/paste the dataset on it, and cut/paste the days I want examined, and then I'll be golden. No more issues with missing patients for random reasons due to crazy formulas that I only partially understand. I did this the hard way (I'm sure there has to be an easier way), but it lets me approach the data in a way that gets me exactly what I'm looking for.

Got home, renewed my nursing license, made tabouli from the garden stuff I picked before the storm the other day, and played string. Nipped the cats, treated the cats, and got lovins.



Posted on 2015.06.11 at 22:16
Rain last night, rain really hard tonight. Lost TV signal for a bit, but oh well. Not much going on today, kinda boring.



Posted on 2015.06.10 at 18:40
Today's over 90. Might have to start wearing short-sleeve shirts again. Had a meeting at work with all the House Supervisors where I was supposed to do a Q&A for emergency preparedness plans & responses, but it was the first time they were meeting since Gina's departure and so the brand new CNO took over the meeting to lay out her vision & expectations & get to know the staff. Fortunately, she was a few minutes late and I got the important stuff covered before she got there, and then did a touch more after she left, but still. The House Sups will have to invite me to another meeting I guess if they want to pick my brain.

One of them has been at the hospital for 38 years at the end of this month. It's the only job she's ever had. It's crazy. And kinda sad, too, because she sucks at her job - you'd think she'd be a master by now.

Raced home after work, threw the compost in the car, and went out to drop it off before it closed. Grocery shopped on the way back, and then went out to water the gardens and pick some parsley & green onions for tabouli. I can tell the baby parsley has sprouted finally. The tomato plants are starting to flower, and this weekend I'm sure I'll need to get the wire cages up for the beans & tomatoes. No signs of spinach, onion, or tomatillo?/bok choy?. Wish I could remember which went in which row.

Kids played a lot of string. I think they've been getting stir-crazy since it's only me at home.


Been here too long...

Posted on 2015.06.09 at 19:40
Did some dishes, made a pot of tea. Hot out today. Left work late again, so I didn't get the chance to drop off the compost, but I ought to be able to do that one of these days when I'm out on time. I realized that I was in a meeting today where, not only was I the person with the most seniority at the hospital, but I also 'outranked' everyone else there by virtue of having been a Director of my area longer. Kinda funky. I abused my power to say "Even though Todd isn't here, you don't need to wait and ask for his permission to do the common-sense thing that will save the hospital money. I'll authorize it on his behalf."

It's been a at least 2 days since the neighbors mowed. Maybe they're on vacation.

Time to make boyfood.



Posted on 2015.06.07 at 20:14
Today after talking to my honey on the phone, I finished mowing the yard, and then came inside to cool off & rehydrate. Played some string with Keiko while Crimson watched from the tree. After it cooled off and the sun started to go down, I went back out & ripped out all the weeds in the exposed side yard, which really needed it, and now I have enough stuff to take to the compost place after work tomorrow. Watered the gardens, and picked 1lb 1oz of strawberries. Grassed the cats. Now to make a burger, eat that with some berries, and maybe iron for tomorrow - pant legs were a bit wrinkled coming out of the dryer the other day, and hanging up isn't helping much.



Posted on 2015.06.06 at 22:42
Slept in this morning, no big shock there. Put the laundry away from last night, got my driver's license renewal done, finally sent the email that says you have insurance, although it shouldn't be an issue. Mowed as much as I could - I need to pull some weeds from the side yards, and take compost to the site. Maybe that will end up on tomorrow's agenda, depending on rain. I went to Ames late, long after the PO was closed, but wasn't expecting a package yet so I didn't foresee any problems there & just wanted to empty the box. No package, but there was a notice for renewing the box. Tried to renew it there, but it didn't like the funky magnetic stripe on my new MC, and ended up using yours. Shouldn't be an issue, though, given how tiny the grocery bill has been. Still will transfer some extra to offset that.

Stuffed myself silly at Azteca, and then came home.

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