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Been here too long...

Posted on 2015.06.09 at 19:40
Did some dishes, made a pot of tea. Hot out today. Left work late again, so I didn't get the chance to drop off the compost, but I ought to be able to do that one of these days when I'm out on time. I realized that I was in a meeting today where, not only was I the person with the most seniority at the hospital, but I also 'outranked' everyone else there by virtue of having been a Director of my area longer. Kinda funky. I abused my power to say "Even though Todd isn't here, you don't need to wait and ask for his permission to do the common-sense thing that will save the hospital money. I'll authorize it on his behalf."

It's been a at least 2 days since the neighbors mowed. Maybe they're on vacation.

Time to make boyfood.

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