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Balanced breakfast?

Posted on 2015.06.03 at 18:48
Today's work adventure was 10 hours of fighting excel to figure a way to accurately show ED occupancy - heads on beds. Really obnoxious for a 24/7 facility, when people who show up on a Saturday night can be discharged Tuesday morning. Very frustrating, but I think I got it, and when I eyeballed the data it certainly passed the smell test from my days in the ER here.

And for dinner, cereal. With a side bowl full of strawberries from the garden to pop in, or eat straight.



Posted on 2015.06.02 at 19:17
Work today: Had a conversation with a vendor that we're cancelling our subscription with. They had apparently been informed since our last conversation that the CEO doesn't want to renew, although I've known for probably a month or more (which makes the biweekly calls kinda tricky). For today's call, they brought in their big marketing people to try to resell their product and convince me that I should convince the CEO to sign. I was stuck trying to diplomatically tell them that their stuff was way overpriced and had very little information in it that I couldn't find elsewhere. Awkward.

Got home, and the weather was nice, so I finished weeding the garage bed, plucked a buttload of strawberries, tossed an almost-equal buttload of strawberries because they had been insect-nibbled, and left a metric ton of still-ripening strawberries still on the vines. Will definitely have to Google some recipes and/or freeze them. No way I can eat this much cereal with them on it. Also noticed that I'm pretty sure the bok choy have all sprouted. Not sure if anything has come up from the onions or tomatillos. Don't see any signs of the spinach, this year's parsley, or basil, either. Yet.


And on to Monday

Posted on 2015.06.01 at 20:08
Got your text about your not-quite-overdue library book. Went to Ames right after work to get that taken care of. Was going to hit Mexican while I was there, but there was nowhere to park. Dunno if everyone in town was at Azteca or Wallaby, but I gave up and decided to try the Mongolian Grill place instead.

Should have waited for a parking space. Maybe waited outside in the snow for hours. Very unimpressed.

On to water plants & try pictures before it gets dark.



Posted on 2015.05.30 at 14:41
Plan for this morning was a trip to Ames to check the Post Office. Figured while I was there I might as well pick up kitty food from the vet & kitty litter, as well as a few other assorted grocery items I didn't remember on Wednesday.

Crimson woke me up picking my nose. It's 830!? Why aren't you at work?

Got to Ames & did errands. Forgot to check Hyvee for kitty litter, even though I had gone to Hyvee instead of the organic store because of the chance they had kitty litter. Remembered as I was debating going to Starbucks and seeing if there was a star on the card. So I went to Target and got a slightly different form of the kitty litter, since the multi-cat formula was sold out. Got home, realized that I didn't put green tea on the list. Oh well, it's on the Wednesday list now.

Played string with the kids in the bathroom for a while. Keiko has had a ton of lovins today so far.

Posted on 2015.05.29 at 18:58
2 Trips to the High School today. Turns out it wasn't really a science fair, but more of a final project presentation. Some students clearly did well (An insulin pump that can automatically call for help/911 if your sugar gets dangerously low/high, which would be a lifesaver), and there was at least 1 "Are you freaking kidding me??? This was the best you could come up with? Your new invention and/or improvement on an existing product was to let people order their insulin pump pre-bedazzled?" Would have been interesting to see a non-diabetes related presentation, but oh well. DM is easy.

Keiko & Crimson wanted lots of lovins when I got home. I've noticed that Keiko seems to no longer be protesting her litter box by not burying poop. Hope this trend continues.

Right before I left work I sent out an email to a few affected people regarding a change I'm going to make to the Tornado policies - with a very detailed 'this is what will be changed, this is why we're not doing your alternate suggestion'. Should make them happy, & next week I'll get it typed up & official.

Realized that the honeysuckle that I thought I'd been smelling was actually probably clover instead.

Almost got hit by some idiot running a red light. *sigh*. Perhaps the stopped cars in the other lane were a hint that you don't need to be doing 40 through the light?

Found an Army buddy on FB yesterday, haven't talked with him since 2001. That was kinda cool. Less cool is the fact that he apparently likes to post Faux-newsish memes. He's supposed to be smarter than that.



Posted on 2015.05.28 at 19:07
After work, I was thinking I might have a chance to mow the back yard before the 70% chance of rain hit. Felt a sprinkle or two walking to Eva, but nothing on Eva's windshield. Got home, no rain drops. Quickly changed & started to mow. Felt a handful of drops, but not quite enough to make me think I needed to stop, so I kept mowing. Next pass, I felt a few more drops, but again it was gone after 3 drops. Kept going. No more rain drops, and I finished the back yard. 70% chance of 8 drops? Yeah right.

Feeling post-mow nasty, I decided to go get a pizza rather than make one. Asked the Domino's person if they were moving or a second store was opening. They're moving from their current location. Good to know.



Posted on 2015.05.27 at 18:41
Today's the good weather day - for a while. By good, I mean not raining, but it's feeling quite hot (mid-80's). After work, I got some Mexican food so I didn't have to cook & swung by Hyvee on the way home to pick up a few things I knew I needed - milk, lasagna-stuff, garlic. Now I'm cooling off & digesting.

Pink mousie was swimming when I got home.

Mowed the front yard after it cooled off a touch, but it was starting to get really buggy. When I watered the gardens I noticed that all the beans seem to have sprouted. Part of the area has clover growing back, so it's hard to see the beans, but there are some clear lines. I'd post a picture, but somebody took all the camera cards and the old camera doesn't have enough memory to hold any pictures anyway.



Posted on 2015.05.26 at 17:49
Crimson must have gotten bored while I was at work. The orange mousie was on the bed when I got home from work. Rained a fair amount all morning, but the sun is now out - I might try to mow later. Neighbors mowed, of course, so now we have to.

Work was a big LEAN event - where the OR Director & Business Office Director butted heads a bit. It's clear that he doesn't think very highly of her, and she is not happy with his attitude. I'm expecting future fireworks, but maybe I can play peacemaker.

I ought to try to finish the pot of potatoes, but they don't sound very appetizing. *sigh*. Not sure what I'll do.


Days 1.5 & 2

Posted on 2015.05.26 at 00:11
Made Indian Potatoes. Ate Lemon Bars. Picked up a few things, put away dishes, puttered around inside. Had a total brain fart & put boiling hot water to make tea into one of the brand new glass pitchers - of course, it immediately cracked. At some point I'll be going back to Des Moines, so I'll need to swing by World Market & get another. Need to give them time to get another into their inventory, though, since we'd grabbed the last two when we were there. After yelling at myself, I made the tea in a pot like Marie always did, let it cool, and put it into the surviving jar. It's been nice to drink iced tea. There have been off & on drizzles, so I couldn't do yard work. Dug out my copy of Civ & started playing. I'd forgotten just how addicting that game was. Stayed up entirely too late playing.

Did Laundry & put it away. Ate leftovers. Finished off the milk - apparently I eat cereal more often if I don't have to cook meals frequently. It's quick & easy, plus there's fruit to finish off. Played more of the Civ game. It rained early in the morning, so I didn't want to get out into the yard until that dried - but then it started threatening to have big storms. Weather radio still works. Given the rather lazy 2 days, I'm feeling like I've gotten a mini-vacation, too.


Sweet Brown & Emergency Management

Posted on 2014.10.22 at 23:59
There's a conspiracy afoot.

I've noticed that there are certain portions of the country - almost a belt of areas ranging from Oklahoma down to the Gulf Coast & Florida - that seem to have an inordinate number of "natural" disasters. Tornadoes, hurricanes, widespread poverty & ignorance... almost as if a higher power was flashing a giant "STAY OUT" sign. Local media outlets invariably show someone who has just lost everything, except their one remaining good tooth, who will rant incoherently for 10 minutes about the sound the tornado made when it destroyed the town, but thank God the local bar has a cellar so nobody was hurt except the 3-legged dog from the Old McStibbin's place.

I don't think these areas are actually getting destroyed on an annual basis. How many people do you know who work in the mobile home manufacturing business? One devastated town looks pretty much like another - that's the point. There are no landmarks, so as long as you change the camera angles and shoot from a distance, nobody will catch on that it's always the same town.

As for the residents? I suspect most likely it's a team of character actors that are called upon to wander through the wreckage (from a distance) and occasionally do their big starring role as Sweet Brown. It's improvisational performance art at its finest, with each one attempting to out-crazy the last. There's probably a scoring process for the judges - religious references = 2 points, a tangent on obscure local landmarks = 3 points, trying to use the disaster as free advertising to sell your old couch = 10 points.

But this begs the question: why? What's really going on in all these areas? Is this a local post-Reconstruction xenophobia (keep everyone out except the people we brought in against their will!)? Is it Areas 1 through 50? Or have the cartographers been lying to us all along, and we're just in some sort of Truman Show dome?

I intend to find out. Or at least join the acting crew. Good lord almighty, now I gots to sell my favorite couch, the one I keep back behind the shed on the old Vickers place cause it ain't got no springs in it since the Jenkins boys gone up and done that thing with it when they were in their meth phase. I sells it cheap, now, so don't you wait none.

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