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Reading between the lines...

Posted on 2006.02.11 at 13:22
Current Mood: amusedamused
Dan Abrams, the host of MSNBC's Abrams Report, had a televised interview with the head imam of Denmark, who was largely responsible for triggering the cartoon violence fiasco. The conversation went something like this:

Dan: Is this outrage just a huge double-standard?
Imam: No.
Dan: How about the fact you made the cartoons look worse by putting in a lot of highly provocative pictures of your own?
Imam: That was just for 'intellectual debate'. Blame the media.
Dan: Is violence bad?
Imam: Fuck. Uh.... yeah. Sometimes.
Dan: Back to the double-standard question: It is a double standard.
Imam: No it's not.
Dan: Why did you incite the violence with your own pictures?
Imam: I didn't incite anything. Intellectual debate. Honest.
Dan: Are you stupid?
Dan: So what about the double-standard re: Jews & Christians.
Imam: We don't hate Christians.
Dan: And Jews? You'll protest all the anti-Semitic images in the Middle East, too?
Imam: Fuck the Jews. They have no rights.

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