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Posted on 2015.06.06 at 22:42
Slept in this morning, no big shock there. Put the laundry away from last night, got my driver's license renewal done, finally sent the email that says you have insurance, although it shouldn't be an issue. Mowed as much as I could - I need to pull some weeds from the side yards, and take compost to the site. Maybe that will end up on tomorrow's agenda, depending on rain. I went to Ames late, long after the PO was closed, but wasn't expecting a package yet so I didn't foresee any problems there & just wanted to empty the box. No package, but there was a notice for renewing the box. Tried to renew it there, but it didn't like the funky magnetic stripe on my new MC, and ended up using yours. Shouldn't be an issue, though, given how tiny the grocery bill has been. Still will transfer some extra to offset that.

Stuffed myself silly at Azteca, and then came home.

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