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Posted on 2015.06.10 at 18:40
Today's over 90. Might have to start wearing short-sleeve shirts again. Had a meeting at work with all the House Supervisors where I was supposed to do a Q&A for emergency preparedness plans & responses, but it was the first time they were meeting since Gina's departure and so the brand new CNO took over the meeting to lay out her vision & expectations & get to know the staff. Fortunately, she was a few minutes late and I got the important stuff covered before she got there, and then did a touch more after she left, but still. The House Sups will have to invite me to another meeting I guess if they want to pick my brain.

One of them has been at the hospital for 38 years at the end of this month. It's the only job she's ever had. It's crazy. And kinda sad, too, because she sucks at her job - you'd think she'd be a master by now.

Raced home after work, threw the compost in the car, and went out to drop it off before it closed. Grocery shopped on the way back, and then went out to water the gardens and pick some parsley & green onions for tabouli. I can tell the baby parsley has sprouted finally. The tomato plants are starting to flower, and this weekend I'm sure I'll need to get the wire cages up for the beans & tomatoes. No signs of spinach, onion, or tomatillo?/bok choy?. Wish I could remember which went in which row.

Kids played a lot of string. I think they've been getting stir-crazy since it's only me at home.

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