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Dinner & a new hospital

Posted on 2015.06.17 at 23:06
Last night I never got around to making the caprese pasta, ended up just eating a bowl of cereal. Tonight, I went for it. So good! 2 romas, the 3 remaining baby cukes from tabouli the other day, a clove of garlic, mozz, parmesean, a couple of mushrooms, basil, salt/pepper/lemon juice/olive oil, & penne. Good enough to take a picture for facebook. It's basically a pasta sauce anyway, mostly the same ingredients (except the cukes & lemon juice, but those are common for pasta salad), just uncooked and fresh. Thought about throwing some olives on there as well, which would have worked fine, but didn't need them.

At work I went out to the new building to look around at how the construction is progressing & plan the placement of the AEDs & crash carts. Very cool, and it's looking nice. The OR feels huge compared to what they have now, even though technically they have more OR suites at the old building (they're just smaller, and nowhere near the prep/recovery space). Alan will need to hire taller staff, though, since the locker rooms are set up in such a way that I could handle an upper locker without too much difficulty, but his current crop of midgets would need a ladder to hang up their coat in the upper lockers. As I was leaving some random old dude was driving through the parking lot and stopped to ask about the building - had to dispel the rumor that the entire hospital is moving in a month. That'll take a lot of work by the marketing people to fix, because everybody has that thought it seems and nobody realizes that this is just part 1. Guy was surprisingly cool about the location, though, talking about how none of his friends will realize it or live to see it, but how the entire town is migrating & growing in that direction, which is supported by all the studies that the hospital did before picking that site.

Kids snuggled with me on the couch tonight while I watched TV. That was sweet.

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